Pilot Watch 3000 Watch Face for Wear OS and Android Wear

Pretend you’re a pilot.

Pilot Watch 3000 is an analog watch face with a chronograph (stopwatch) function. It’s like most slide-rule chronograph watches, but without the slide rule.

Pilot Watch 3000 is free on the Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

You may also sideload Pilot Watch 3000 if you know how to sideload apps. (older versions)

Note about App Permissions

  • That “prevent your device from sleeping” thing is literally only so that the app stays on for 15 seconds instead of 5 seconds or whatever your default is. That’s all. Source code link below.


  • Time with sweep second hand
  • Day of week
  • Day of month
  • Battery percentage
  • Chronograph (stopwatch)

How to Use the Chronograph

  • Tap the top sub-dial (fractions of a second) to start and stop the stopwatch.
  • Tap the left side sub-dial (minutes and hours) to reset the stopwatch if it’s stopped.
  • The bottom sub-dial is chronograph seconds.

Other Functions

  • Tap the date on the right-hand side to zoom in to the date. Tap the screen to zoom back out.
  • Tap the upper left of the dial to display the version number of Pilot Watch 3000. Tap again to switch back to the watch face’s name again.


I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the stopwatch function but hey, it’s heckin’ fun. Some inspiration came from Seiko’s Flightmaster SND255 blue dial chronograph watch.

Pilot Watch 3000 will work on watches running Wear OS, as well as ones running Android Wear.

It will not work on Samsung Gear watches running Tizen, which is almost all Samsung Gear watches. The sole exception is the Samsung Gear Live, which runs Android Wear.

I’m not a huge software shop, I’m just some dork with a laptop that writes code in some of his spare time.

Version History


  • You can now install Pilot Watch on Android Wear 1.x devices with the phone app.
  • The watch face displays its name now. There are other cosmetic tweaks.
  • There is a 10-second ambient refresh.

.apk sideload


  • v1.0.0 is the initial release.

.apk sideload

Source Code

Pilot Watch 3000 is free and open-source software available under the GNU General Public License, version 2.



dse at webonastick dot com