LED Watch 3000 Watch Face for Wear OS and Android Wear

Pretend you’re not wearing a smart watch.

LED Watch 3000 is a digital watch face providing three different styles in various colors.

LED Watch 3000 is free on the Google Play Store.

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  • Time of day, including seconds
  • Day of week
  • Day of month
  • Battery percentage
  • Uses 12-hour or 24-hour mode depending on system settings

p How to Use

  • Tap the time-of-day display twice to switch to a different color.
  • Tap the time-of-day display three times to switch among the three different watch face styles.



LED Watch 3000 will work on watches running Wear OS, as well as ones running Android Wear.

It will not work on Samsung Gear watches running Tizen, which is almost all Samsung Gear watches. The sole exception is the Samsung Gear Live, which runs Android Wear.

I’m not a huge software shop, I’m just some dork with a laptop that writes code in some of his spare time.

LED Watch 3000 uses Keshikan’s “DSEG” 7- and 14-segment fonts.

Version History


  • Initial public release.

Source Code

LED Watch 3000 is free and open-source software available under the GNU General Public License, version 2.



dse at webonastick dot com