tdu, a text-mode disk usage full-screen folding outline doohickey utility thingamabob


tdu in action!


tdu is a text-terminal program that displays disk space utilization in an interactive full-screen folding outline. Branches of the tree may be hidden or displayed, and files/directories in a branch can be sorted by filename or total space utilized.

tdu uses the ncurses library to interact with the terminal; unlike most disk usage visualization programs, it does not require the X Window System. It is therefore ideal in situations where you're logged in to a remote Unix system and for various reasons you do not wish to run an X program such as xdu remotely or copy the output of du over the network.

Like the classic xdu utility, tdu does not traverse a directory tree computing disk usage itself; it requires a program such as du to provide that information. This keeps the tdu code small.

dugroup is a companion utility program whose primary purpose is to group the output of `du -a` by filename extension. This functionality was once built into tdu.

Memory Consumption

This is just one example. Your mileage may vary. Analyzing and storing the pathnames and sizes of approximately 2,911,000 files and directories in memory on a MacBook Air (Intel Core i7) only uses 1.3 GB of private memory (that's the memory it allocates to store the data):


To compile and install tdu, you will need the following:

To install dugroup, you will need the following:

How to Install

The two source code archives listed above contain files named INSTALL. Read them.


If you want a complete list of options and keybindings, see the tdu(1) and dugroup(1) manpages.

Other disk usage display programs

tdu is intended to be small, having as few features as possible.

If you want something more graphical, something for Windows, or just want a different program, here's a list of them.

A fancier ncurses disk usage utility
Another fancier ncurses disk usage utility
fsv - File System Visualizer
An X program that provides 3D visualizations of disk usage
A KDE package that represents disk usage as sections within concentric circles.
An X program based on xdu which offers enhanced functionality, including PostScript output, display of free space, and it runs du for you.
The classic disk usage display program for the X Window System.
A Windows program that displays "cushion treemaps" to display file and directory disk usage.
Another program that displays "cushion treemaps". This one's for KDE.
A clone of KDirStat for Windows.

My Other Projects

vtclock, a text-mode full-screen digital clock


Copyright © 2004–2008 Darren Stuart Embry.

You may distribute and/or modify this program under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.