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1932 Wagner Map of Louisville

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My copy of the 1932 Wagner Map of Louisville is actually a neat little item. The cover folds out and you can take the actual map of the city outside of the cover. On the inside of the cover you will find a rather nice-looking map of Downtown. The map has a few pencil and/or pen marks and shows a little wear.

[cover and map] [cover folded out]

The Cover

On the cover is inscribed: ``LOUISVILLE NEW ALBANY and JEFFERSONVILLE'S LATEST MAP BY WAGNER REVISED. Published By THE A.C. WAGNER CO. We issue the same style and quality of Pocket Maps for Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Toledo, Washington, and Thirty other cities as you have here of LOUISVILLE.''

Inside Cover: Business District Map

The Downtown map is a separate sheet glued to the inside of the cover. This is actually a rather nice feature. In most of today's city maps the downtown map is printed on the same sheet of paper so you have to unfold the map to look at the little map of downtown. If you lift the left side of the map you will see an advertisement for the Globe Lithographing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Detail Of Main Map

I didn't feel like unfolding the map and trying to put it on the scanner to scan a particular area so I scanned whatever area was revealed without having to fold it out, but this is still a good excerpt. Solid orange lines (and letters) represent electric car lines, dotted orange lines (and numbers) represent bus lines.
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