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2000 AtLex Lexington Fayette County, KY Street Atlas

AtLex is the Lexington Fayette Urbay County Government's official street atlas. It covers the entirety of Fayette County. The main map includes streets, proposed routes, the Urban Service Area boundary, bodies of water, parks, public golf courses, railroads, fire and police stations, government facilities, and the usual points of interest, among other features. Separate thematic maps cover driving tours, historic districts, sewers, snow routes, zip codes, census tracts, police and political districts, and other things.

Much like Louisville and Jefferson County's LOJIC Street Atlas, this map is probably the most accurate source of information almost exclusively of interest to city/county residents available, makes good use of color, is meant primarily for use by city/county customers, and has a nice index by street number.

This map, unlike Jefferson County's counterpart, also marks mileposts and mile markers on state-maintained freeways and highways. It also marks all the state-maintained roads, including state and US numbered routes, and displays interchange numbers.

The book-form atlas also comes with a fold-up street map of Fayette County at a smaller scale, as well as a ruler specially created for measuring distances.

Copies of this street atlas are available for sale to the general public.


This section contains the I-75 and US 60 (Winchester Road) interchange. Much like the LOJIC Jefferson County street atlas, this map could draw the interchanges and curves on some roads a little better, but it's not meant to look strikingly beautiful. I wonder why Milepoint 109.684 is between milemarkers 109.8 and 110.0 on I-75. Is this a mistake in the map or an inaccurate placement of milemarkers or milepoints?

Available as:
· 289×423 JPG, 19KB, 150dpi
· 578×846 JPG, 176KB, 300dpi


This section of the map shows the (eastern) US 60 and New Circle Road interchange and some neighborhoods to the west along US 60 (Winchester Road). Major arterials, minor arterials and collectors are highlighted differently, unlike the LOJIC Jefferson County book.

Available as:
· 582×323 JPG, 40KB, 150dpi
· 1164×647 JPG, 264KB, 300dpi

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