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Mapco Map of Cleveland, OH (date unknown)

This is the front cover of the map, featuring a view of the Cleveland skyline.

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This is the northeastern Cuyahoga County section of the map. Cartography was about as plain as you can get. I almost pine for the days of plain black-and-white cartography with some of the crap that's coming out today, and it is a crying shame that nobody is using the Engineering Standard Alphabet for anything anymore.

Incase you haven't noticed yet, much like Geographia's 1963 street atlas, north doesn't point up on the sheet of paper. The county line and East 260th St are north-and-south.

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This is the section of the map covering the messy layout of streets in the Downtown and Flats area. One glaring mistake in this map is that overpasses look like at-grade intersections, such as the Carnegie Bridge over West 4th and West 3rd, which might confuse out-of-towners. The drafters also did not highlight the freeways differently from surface arterial routes, which I would find more an annoyance than anything else.

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