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Map of Northern Kentucky, Engels Maps, 1997

Engels Maps makes some of the best-looking and most colorful computer-generated Chamber of Commerce maps I have ever witnessed. This page contains a couple scans from the 1997 edition of their Northern Kentucky Street Atlas, covering Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, and Pendleton Counties.

(1156×1272 JPG, 431373 bytes, 300 dpi)

This first scan demonstrates their coverage of the rural parts of the area, with insets for small towns. Notice that rural areas are at 1/4 the scale of urban areas, an interesting concept in map-making, yet they manage to show all the streets. The red italic numbers on the rural map are house numbers.

(898×922 JPG, 359934 bytes, 300 dpi)

This scan demonstrates their colorful coverage of urban areas. It's particularly nice how they superimpose arrows on top of one-way streets, I don't see many other maps do this. They also do a rather nice job of packing in the block numbers here.

(792×510 JPG, 92254 bytes, 300 dpi)

The index is also kind of interesting. Most maps stick with simple letters and integers. This index goes one step further, using decimal numbers to allow you to more accurately pinpoint the location of a street, assuming you can interpolate between grid lines.

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