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1971 AAA Detroit Southern Suburbs

These scans come from AAA's 1971 map of the Detroit Southern Suburbs. This map contains some cool blown-up black-and-white interchange diagrams for some of the more intersting interchanges in the area. I'm not from nor have I ever been to this area (except for a SDF-DTW-CLE flight) but thought this map was kind of neat.

This is the map's front cover. Much of the map is in good condition except for the cover.

Available as:
· 552×1310 JPG, 189KB, 150dpi


This is the inset map of the interchange of I-94 (the Detroit Industrial Freeway) with US 24 (Telegraph Road), a nice clean black-and-white interchange drawing. This is one way to interchange a freeway with a divided highway without using more than two bridges, 4 cloverleaf ramps, traffic lights, or left turns across opposing traffic. All freeway exits are directional, i.e., ``left turns'' onto US 24 are left exits.

Available as:
· 323×278 JPG, 16KB, 75dpi
· 647×556 JPG, 50KB, 150dpi
· 1294×1112 JPG, 213KB, 300dpi


This is the inset map of the interchange of I-94 with Southfield Road (M-39) and Van Born Road. This interchange is a different approach to avoiding left turns off M-39 onto opposing traffic. This is a different approach to the problems that the US24 interchange was trying to solve. The ``right turns'' from Southfield Road were moved into the area between the eastbound and westbound roadways, making all entrances onto the freeway left entrances. This interchange is not complete; there is no exit from I-94 westbound to Southfield Road at all (you would have gotten off onto Oakwood).

Available as:
· 325×278 JPG, 19KB, 75dpi
· 651×556 JPG, 63KB, 150dpi
· 1302×1112 JPG, 259KB, 300dpi


This is a section of the main street map that includes the two interchanges above. This map is a typical example of in-house AAA cartography. The drafters managed to do an okay job with the interchanges here, but they're not as clear as the insets.

Available as:
· pan/zoom map
· 454×215 JPG, 34KB, 75dpi
· 909×430 JPG, 127KB, 150dpi
· 1818×861 JPG, 582KB, 300dpi


This is a portion of the black-and-white inset featuring major roads of the Detroit area. The drafters also managed to do a reasonable good job showing interchange details, except they goofed up the EB-NB ramp from I-94 to M-39.

Available as:
· 215×209 JPG, 15KB, 75dpi
· 430×419 JPG, 48KB, 150dpi
· 860×838 JPG, 184KB, 300dpi

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